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APA Management Team

Our main office number is (804) 225-3350. Please use our directory, below, to contact members of our staff directly.

APA Leadership Contact E-mail Telephone Number
Auditor of Public Accounts Staci Henshaw [Bio] 804-362-6987
Deputy Auditor of Public Accounts LaToya Jordan [Bio] 804-362-7979
Deputy Auditor of Public Accounts Eric Sandridge [Bio] 804-362-8213
Audit Specialty Teams
Acquisitions and Contract Management Mike Reinholtz 804-362-6997
Capital Asset Management DeAnn Compton 804-362-8375
Compliance Assurance George Strudgeon 804-362-7804
Data Analysis April Cassada 804-362-7749
Higher Education David Rasnic 804-362-7517
Information Systems Security Goran Gustavsson 804-362-9298
Local Government and Judicial Systems Laurie Hicks 804-362-8441
Process Innovation Vacant
Reporting and Standards Zachary Borgerding 804-362-8240
Risk Analysis and Monitoring Jennifer Eggleston
Linda Wade
Agency Operations
Accounting and Business Operations Shannon Hargitt 804-362-6982
Human Resources and Recruiting Berkeley Wolford 804-362-6986
Office Technology Wendi James 804-362-6992
Procurement Carnell Bagley 804-362-6977