Section 30 -138 of the Code of Virginia requires State agencies, courts, and local constitutional officers to report to the Auditor of Public Accounts (Auditor), the State Inspector General, and the Superintendent of State Police (Superintendent).:

•discover circumstances that suggest a reasonable possibility that a fraudulent transaction has occurred involving funds or property under their control; and

•an officer or employee of the state or local government may be involved.

The reporting should be in writing (either via postal mail or e-mail) and should be done when you initially determine there may be a problem. Do not wait and do an investigation yourself – it is better to check with us, the State Inspector General, and with the State Police so we can mutually determine the best course of action. Send all notifications for the Auditor to Staci Henshaw If you have confidential information to transmit, please contact Staci for instructions for accessing our secure portal.